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 Stragies in game

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PostSubject: Stragies in game   Wed Apr 16, 2008 1:15 pm


In this section I listed some stratagems. Some of them are widely used (e.g. /kill) but not always accepted by everybody. Others are really mean or even cheap. Everybody should know by himself which of these he wants to use. It's interesting anyhow to see what you can do. :p

- /Killing
This is a pretty standard trick, but worth mentioning. You can commit suicide during the game by typing "/kill" in the console, or binding "kill" to a key. Here are some uses for /kill:

* You're a rambo medic and you run out of ammo. /kill near spawn time instead of spending time tracking down a field ops.

* You've just captured a spawn point (e.g. the forward bunker). "/kill" yourself right before spawn time. This way you can spawn with a fresh set of ammo, and also you can steal the ammo you had in your last life from your own corpse.

* Also, if you're about to capture a flag (e.g. Old city in Oasis), you can tell your team so they can all "/kill" themselves 2 seconds before spawn time and all respawn together at the flag.

* You get caught with your pants down by a panzer at close range. You can /kill right before they shoot you to deny them XP. Yeah it's cheap, but close-range panzers are cheap too :p
But remember that selfkilling during a fight is prohibited on some servers!

* Depending on the mod you're playing, you may also be able to /kill to restore your charge bar to full. This can be extremely useful if you're a panzer or something.

- Kamikaze
Say you are low on health, low on ammo, and it's almost time for respawn. You have 3 options:

1. Go find a medic and go find ammo.. Nice idea, but that is going to take a while, and while you're trying to find that medic, you might just get killed by an enemy and by then you'll have missed respawn time!

2. /kill. Good idea, but if there's still some time until respawn, maybe you could do something more productive?

3. Kamikaze, a.k.a. suicide mission. Prime up a nade, find the nearest enemy, and chuck it at them, then immediately /kill and hope that the nade got 'im. Or, maybe just go run into a panzer's line of fire and get him to fire a shot at you. Do you get a kill for it? No. Productive? Hell yeah. Considering that you had practically no ammo and health, your little mission just saved one of your teammates. Also you could /kill as he fires the shot so then he won't even get heavy weapons XP for it.

But be careful! On some servers you'll get kicked for a selfkill during a fight. Some people feel pissed off because they think it's not very fair. Instead of /kill you can blow up yourself with the grenade and hopefully together with the enemy. Thats in fact not good for your statistics, but nobody needs to feel treated unfair. This is what someone wrote me in a mail about that, I think some of you surely would agree (some surely not. Like said before, the opinions on this issue are often different... I think everybody should know by himself):
"...please with a 25px RED FAT FRAME and a header like: "BAAAAD BAAAAD, DON'T DO THIS, IT'S ANTISOCIAL" or something like that :p"
I really tried the 25px fat red frame, but if I used this, it would be bodily injury for the eyes...

- Reverse psychology
You can pretend you're weaker than you really are to get your enemy to come after you or let their guard down. For example, you could fire some shots with a pistol as if you're out of SMG ammo, then suddenly whip out your Thompson. This tactic can be dangerous though, mileage may vary Smile

- Airstrike trap
A very cool tip using reverse psychology was sent in by Patator_Warrior, here is his description:
"You can notice that enemies are always following you in order to kill you when they see you. When you are Field Ops, you can make a trap... When you are getting shot by an enemy, go hide where you can (behind a wall is very good) and drop a canister. After that, move in front of your enemy while moving back. The enemy will be distracted and he will be exploded by the fire support. It is very funny and very efficient if there are many enemies near you (at the second axis spawn at Oasis for example, the canister can be dropped behind the wall at the entrance of the fort)... :-)
I remember a game when I was dancing in front of the fort with all the Axis team trying to kill me (after their respawn).
They killed me.
'Yes, Sehr Gut!'
They all died.


- Draining their ammo cabinets
If I'm spawncamping as a rambo medic and I need some ammo, I'll always go to their ammo cabinets, so they have less for themselves.

I suppose if you were really cheap you could fire one shot, reload, pick up a pack, fire one shot... etc.

Or you have a flamethrower like Test >:/: "Well U can actually go with flamethrower into enemy's spawn.. Keep firing, and it wastes the ammo right away. But yeah, that's cheap."

- Killing the AFK's
Look at the other team and note if anyone has a 999 ping (obviously this only works on a pub). For example, if you're a covert ops in need of a uni, you can see if someone on their team is AFK. Then run into their spawn and grab one when no one is around and you know the enemy isn't going to spawn any time soon.

- Door blocking
Basically, standing in the doorway to annoy enemies. May be useful if you get an enemy uni, throw smoke in the spawn point, then stand in the doorway. They will probably just assume some stupid teammate isn't in the way. You might block a door to just delay the enemies so your teammates can steal an objective, to delay the enemies long enough that their invulnerability runs out so the panzer waiting outside can kill them all, or perhaps to trap them in the spawn point so you can explode them with a satchel you laid out.

This is a very odd tactic, but I mention it because I noticed the Online Gaming League actually listed it as an official "exploit" which they prohibit. However on a pub or something, there's no specific rule against it... heh heh heh.

- Use the objectives camera to spot enemy
In the limbo screen, there's a little camera window you can use to see what is going on around objectives. And since enemy spawn points are often near objectives, you may be able to use it to get the spawn times easily. Sometimes you can't see the enemy, but you can hear them passing by (use headphones). Here's an example below, for finding the spawn time of the Axis (1st spawnpoint) or Allies (2nd spawnpoint). You can use a similar trick on Battery, by viewing the forward bunker flag.

- Spectating
This is kind of obvious, but often you can go spectator to spy on your enemy to see how their defense is set up, or to find someone who stole radar parts, etc. I don't do this, it's pretty cheap! However, if you did do it, probably nobody would catch you for it :p

- Ask a question
For example, say a guy named Bob on the Axis team keeps mowing you down every time you try to get into the bank on Goldrush. Ask a question like, "Jeez Bob, you're such a good MG. How do you get me every single time?" Then rush in and kill Bob while he's typing back to you Smile

I haven't ever tried this although I think it'd be funny to see if it worked. Could get you kicked or banned though, I suppose :p

- Impersonating the enemy
This is really low and dirty, although it is kind of funny. You can use ^5 to change your text color to light blue, so it will look like team chat. Then you can give the enemy misinformation. For example, if you're about to infiltrate through the back door on Radar, you could type a message like this:

"^5Engies, get to the front NOW! The allies are coming from the front!"

Although a stunt like this will just make experienced players chuckle (or maybe get pissed at you, I don't know), it may be enough to fool some of the newer players on the enemy team.

If you're really serious about doing this, you could even change your name and add in a coordinate after your name. Like change your name from Frank to "Bob (F, 3)". This will make it seem more convincing.

Personally I only do this as a joke, in a real game this is just too mean Smile[/color]
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PostSubject: Re: Stragies in game   Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:55 pm

jesus how much time u got on ur hands????
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PostSubject: Re: Stragies in game   Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:56 pm

im saying...
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PostSubject: Re: Stragies in game   Tue Apr 29, 2008 6:29 pm

haha its stealths website again! great strategy guide. just not by our TTU member Razz nice try though stealth

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PostSubject: Re: Stragies in game   

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Stragies in game
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