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 |**Application for Joining N/Q**|

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PostSubject: |**Application for Joining N/Q**|   Sat Jul 12, 2008 7:07 am

If you would like to join TTU N/Q then please post in the following format.

In-Game Name:
How Long Have You Been Playing ET (in months): [Example: put 3 for 3 months]
Previous Clans on ET Only(if any):
Leadership Experience(explain what roles you have took up previously):
Highest Rank in a Clan:
How Active Would You Say You Are: Hardly? Quite Active? Very Active? (explain)
Longest Time in a Clan:
Two Members are arguring on a TTU server that you have power on. They are beginning to insult each other extremely harshly. Please explain in detail how exactly you would handle this situation?:
How Long Have You Been Reguarlly Playing on TTU servers?:
When You Think of Joining TTU, what do you imagine? What Is Your Purpose of Joining TTU(please explain in detail):
Do You Have Xfire:
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|**Application for Joining N/Q**|
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