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 NQ XPSave Conversion and Setup

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PostSubject: NQ XPSave Conversion and Setup   Sun Jul 20, 2008 5:34 pm

XPSave Conversion and Setup

XP Save is no longer handled by one massive file.
For each player that connects, a tiny file is created just for them. Yes, lots of files, but less filesize and memory usage. Overall, its faster performance.
To get the new XP save to actually work, you must create a directory on your server for the files to be saved.
As an example, I named it "xpsave"
Make sure it has proper permissions so ET can write files to it, CHMOD of 755 is usually good enough.
Now, in your noquarter.cfg, add the cvar g_XPSaveDirectory and you must point it directly to the directory. Not a relative path like mapscripts where you could just set it to "xpsave". This needs an absolute path!
So I set g_XPSaveDirectory "/home/shitstormNQ/.etwolf/xpsave"
Don't use that path I used, set it to where you made your xpsave directory.
For Windows servers, it could be something like g_XPSaveDirectory "C:/EnemyTerritory/noquarter/xpsave"
Now, if you plan to have your current xpsave.cfg from converted to the new format so no one looses their precious XP, leave it where it was and leave the g_XPSaveFile cvar set to it.
NQ 1.1.0 uses g_XPSaveFile just to find your old file and convert it to the new format.
After conversion, xpsave.cfg will be renamed to xpsave.converted, so it won't be converted again after ever map change. If you ever need the xpsave again, just renamed the extension back to cfg.
If running multiple servers, specify the same XP save directory to safely share XP between servers.
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NQ XPSave Conversion and Setup
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