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 **Rule 9** Admin Abuse.

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PostSubject: **Rule 9** Admin Abuse.   Sun Apr 20, 2008 6:45 pm

Admin Abuse is when you use Admin Commands in the wrong way to either ruin the fun of the game or make it unfair for other people. When you get higher Admin levels you will be given the responsibility of commands such as !kick and !mute. Commands like this can be used to kick people for the wrong reason or no reason at all or mute them because either you don't like them or even for no reason at all.

The biggest Command used by Admin Abusers is !ban. By using the Command !showbans you can see all bans that have been made. Abusers will normally ban people for reasons such as "bitch" or another offensive word.

If you do have to ban someone for any reason you should put a sensible reason for the ban so people can see why this person is banned. Practically any Command can be abused and this counts for spamming too.

The Admin Abuse Team (AAT) are level 11 users that watch specificly for Admin Abuse.

Admin lessons are avaliable from me for anyone who wants to learn how to properly use their Admin and Commands to properly look after a server, spot Admin Abuse easier and improve their chances of earning a promotion.

End Result: Can be anything from a 90 minute ban to a permanant ban and expulsion from the clan.
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**Rule 9** Admin Abuse.
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