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 Enemy Territory Shooters Guide

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PostSubject: Enemy Territory Shooters Guide   Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:33 pm

So you wanna work on your Aiming?

well you've come to the rite place Razz

First things first, find a good weapon. I recommend starting with MP40/Thompson (they are identical so it doesn't matter)
Next, lower the size of your cross hair. Do this by opening your View options, finding the picture of your cross hair, and changing it to the one with the faint glow around it. Then, right above that, is a size selector. Chosse a smaller size that you are comfortable with. If needed, change the color. I recommend a Darker color.
Now onto hitboxes. The hitboxes in ET are pretty basic. A rectangle around the body, and a Cube around the head. So, In theory, you don't have to hit the head to get a headshot, just right next to it.

So when you think about this, if someone is standing with just a shoulder out from behind a wall, shoot right next to that and you should hit them. Study this picture and it will help you.
Now, One of the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS is to AIM FOR THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!! Hitting your enemy in the face will kill them almost instantly! Plus, it gives you an advantage because their screen is shaking and blood is flashing right in front of them. Unless they are smart like you are and turn this off (The option is also in your view settings. Just change blood flash full to off.) XD.
Now, the other really important thing is Strafing. Strafing is simply dodging your opponents bullets. Simple side to side strafing is the best tactic. Keeping that small Xhair locked on their head while dodging shots almost garuntees a win. Think about it, your running along with the rail gun and all of the sudden, an Axis soldier jumps out shooting your head. Your screen is red and you can't lock your crosshair on him. To make things worse, he's moving away from where you are facing and then BOOM your dead. BE THE AXIS WHO JUMPS OUT AND PWNS THE RAIL CART GUIDE!
Also, experiment with other guns. When on Axis, if you go covert op and use an FG42, steal a body and kill allied soldiers. Although the FG42 Accuracy sucks at medium and long range without a scope, you can pretty much pwn at close range, disguised and shaking the other persons screen into a bloody mess WHILE STRAFING!
I think thats it for now. The one other thing i can think of though is


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PostSubject: Re: Enemy Territory Shooters Guide   Fri May 30, 2008 4:55 am

oO i wont read it Razz i know allllll bout aiming xD accualy i dont but i wont read it too coz im busy alll they time Laughing
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PostSubject: lol   Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:58 am

Lol you wont read it becouse your to bussy.... But why the f*** you posted that reply Very Happy

Btw.. I dont hate you Razz
lol! lol! lol!

Oh and 1 thing ::
Good post!

sanko Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Enemy Territory Shooters Guide   

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Enemy Territory Shooters Guide
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