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 **Rule 7** Discrimination

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PostSubject: **Rule 7** Discrimination   Wed May 28, 2008 3:09 pm

Discrimination or in simpler terms having a go at someone for a reason that is injust or wrong. The main areas of Discrimination are Racial, Sexual, Personal, Political.

This can range from insulting someone because of their Skin Colour or there Sexuality or Gender, to having Personal issues and insulting someones country in a Racial way.

Discrimination will not be tolerated in TTU and we do urge members being discriminated against to speak up and talk to the Owners and Server Leaders for help. Any major discrimination will be passed up to Owners and even Supremes and if it does reach me I will be kicking the offender from the clan as this is a very bad rule to break.

End Result: Being Banned From The Clan.


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**Rule 7** Discrimination
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