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 |**Official NQ Recruiting Rules**|

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PostSubject: |**Official NQ Recruiting Rules**|   Mon Jun 30, 2008 8:59 pm

Recruiters Must Verify These Conditions When Considering A Tryout and Make Sure They Get Clear Answers.

The information you must get is:


Requirements to Receive a Tryout:
Must get 1500xp.
Must put a Red |T| in front of their name.
Must have a Forum Account.
Must play Regularly on the Server.
Must also make a request to join the Clan Server at its Server Base on the Forums.
Recruiters must use their knowledge and work out whether the person they are recruiting is going to be a good and active member based on what they have seen.

Tryout Rules:
Player must not talk during tryout.
Player must get a 3/1 Kill Ratio without using Adrenaline.
Player should have an Accuracy above 29.
Player must not use any form of Artillery or Heavy Weapon.

Anyone found recruiting without using these rules will be demoted.

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|**Official NQ Recruiting Rules**|
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